Proudly SA Products for our Frenchie Fans 🇿🇦

This is a space for our fellow South African Frenchie Fans to support and  promote each other, in the spirit of Ubuntu,

"I am because you are".

If you are a proudly South African creative, artisan, artist or entrepreneur that create and supply pet products then you are welcome to join us here. We would love to promote you!

 ♥ Some of our Proudly South African Products ♥ 

Bespoke Brats: Beds & Blankets

    Sleep Like Royalty In Our Pet Beds!

    Beautiful Super Soft Snug Cozy Dog Beds.  Handmade in Cape Town. Stepping Out of The Box on Pet Furniture. Simply Because They Deserve the Best. Bringing Color to the Pet World.  Pets are so much like humans in so many ways.  They require Love Attention and Care and providing your Pet with a beautiful warm soft place to sleep will keep him or her warm and happy.  Our Pet Beds are made with Love and Care to ensure your Pet is as Comfortable as possible. We have used beautiful Soft Fabrics to ensure Maximum Comfort and Colors that you can match up to your Furniture and Bedding.

    Little Beanbag Co

    Minette Joubert is the owner of these wonderful and beautiful Dog Beds, Comfy Caves, Cozy Caves, Pet Beanbags and more. 

    Beautifully handcrafted Comfy caves - Made 2 Love - for your pet. Comfy caves are made out of durable waterproof canvas that is easily washable, with 5 zips to easily remove and replace for washing. Cozy caves are made out of durable upholstery corduroy and has Mongolian fleece inside the cave, the outer cover is fully washable. For the outer of the beanbags they use high-quality thick corduroy or velvet upholstery fabric that's durable and super soft. 

    They only use quality and durable materials and zips to ensure a exceptional product. Each dog bed has a thick base to ensure your pet sleeps off the ground.

    Pannatural Pets: Natural Pet Care

      We’re here to make the lives of your pets a little better, a little less toxic, and to make a safer environment for all of us.  We aim wherever possible to transmit to people the importance and grandeur of natural materials, that protect the environment. Your Pannatural Pets Experience will be delicious for both your animal and you.

      We want to supply a line of products to take the best care of  pets
      and keep them healthy, beautiful, and live longer happier life.
      We use natural ingredients that work well in our products
      and avoid strong chemicals. Pannatural Pets brand products have been handmade specifically for animals.

      We believe in products formulated with carefully selected human grade plant based extracts and essential oils with a focus on performance. We stand for products free of nasty chemicals, silicones, parabens and fragrances. With our products we want to offer a solution to various problems in animals and continuously expand our product line. We are constantly researching and developing new products that would be a good addition to our current product line and provide overall wellness to pets.

      The Herbal Pet

        The Herbal Pet is a range of quality natural pet care products, formulated to help you keep your four-footed friends in the best of health. Made with herbs and other pure natural ingredients, these proudly South African pet products are packed with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

        The Herbal Pet philosophy is that nature is the best doctor, and that treating your beloved animals with natural remedies wherever possible is the safer and healthier option. Brand founder Beryl Shuttleworth is committed to creating cutting-edge, scientifically researched formulas that are safe, effective and made with high grade ingredients. Trust the Herbal Pet range to help keep your furry companion happy and healthy. 

        Amigo Pet Food

          Creating the best nutrition for your dog. We guarantee full traceability of our products due to our short local supply chain, ensuring a safe and transparent journey all the way from our kitchen to your dog’s bowl.

          Quality proteins only. Amigo products include a healthy balance of high quality protein to help develop and maintain muscles and activity level. They contain high levels of vitamins, bioavailable organic and crystalline trace minerals to stimulate immune and vital functions.

          No wheat gluten. All Amigo products are free of wheat gluten to improve your dog’s well-being. They contain high levels of healthy Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids for shiny coats and healthy skins.

          Montego: Field & Forest

            Montego Pet Nutrition was founded in early 2000 in Graaff-Reinet, South Africa, the heart of the Karoo. Built upon a strong foundation of entrepreneurial spirit, family values, quality and innovation, we’ve never stopped improving on our approach. We have consistently fine-tuned and improved our formulations as well as upgraded our factory continuously, to keep up with our passion for pet nutrition and our vision for the Montego Pet Nutrition brand.

            While the benefits vary, all our excellent products are made using the finest ingredients, in carefully calculated proportions and according to our original recipes – then cooked to perfection in our world-class factory.

            Over the years, our flagship product, Montego Classic Adult, has earned its place in South African homes for its high nutritional content, exceptional quality, great flavour and unparalleled value. Today, the Montego product family has something for every type of pet owner. There are no less than five nutrition brands for dogs (Classic, Monty & Me, WUMA!, Karoo and Field + Forest™); three for cats (Classic, Monty & Me and Karoo) a brand of treats for dogs (Bags O’ Wags) as well as one for cats (Packs O’ Purrs), toppers (Sauce for Dogs), and pet wellness & grooming products (XenPet).

            Field + Forest™ is an elite range of grain-free dog foods that contain no less than 60% premium animal proteins, with meat being the primary ingredient. Lifestyle-oriented, ultra-premium single grain and grain-free nutrition for adult dogs and puppies.


            At NutriFlex we’re dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and nutritional integrity – which is why you won’t find any unwanted preservatives, dyes, or artificial ingredients of any kind in our products.

            HUMAN-GRADE: Unlike most pet products, which are feed grade, this is a 100% human-grade product – produced in a human food safety accredited (FSA and GMP) facility. This means higher quality ingredients & safety standards, like what you'd expect from your own food.

            NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our products contain absolutely no nasties. This means no GMO ingredients, preservatives, fillers, by-products, hormones or pesticides.

            Active For Life. Naturally

            Vet-recommended natural alternative joint care solutions. Everyday NutriFlex Maintenance collagen for young and active dogs, cats and horses and NutriFlex Advanced triple-action joint support (joint, cartilage, bone) for senior pets and animals of all ages requiring intensive joint care. Scientifically formulated and brimming with naturally occurring joint nutrients, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, a daily serving is a great way to help your fur bestie enjoy daily vitality, mobility, agility and comfort — for longer — naturally

            With all the misinformation, questionable and unpronounceable ingredients in many pet nutrition products today it’s no longer just about what goes into them, but rather what is left out that makes ours special. In our case you won’t find any unnecessary or counter-intuitive ingredients, bulking agents, fillers, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours, enhancers, colours, added MSG, preservatives or toxins.

            Formulated using naturally occurring nutrients:

            • Nothing artificial
            • Nothing synthetic
            • Just as nature intended


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