Frenchie Sizing Guide

It is important to get the correct measurement for your beloved Frenchie when you buy a collar, a harness or a cute outfit. Somehow this feels confusing, since the sizes of different manufacturers may differ. The best is to follow the size guide of the specific item you are buying, or if you are not sure, here are some general guidelines for you.

Follow the 2 finger rule when you are buying a collar :)

Here are some tips and a chart on how to measure an adjustable harness.

Neck - Length around neck

Chest / Girth - Length around widest point of the chest

Back / Length - Length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail

Each item has its own sizing measurements which are available in the product description.

This adorable sizing chart (photo credit: Mozy & Co) shows the difference between how a collar and harness fit around the neck.

See this guide for the size of your furry friend's bed. Frenchies usually don't curl up like most dogs when they sleep, but they tend to sleep in a variety of odd positions - and may need some room to maneuver! 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which measurement should I pay extra attention to? The most important measurement is the chest, as this will determine how loose or tight the clothes will be. Make sure you're as accurate as possible.
  • How does the sizing chart work? The chart shows the exact measurements of our clothes. For comfort leave about 1"/2.5cm for comfort.
  • What if my dog is between sizes? We always recommend to order the bigger size. Some more room for movement is much more comfortable for your dog.
  • My dog has a lot of fur. Should I include that in my measurement as well? Yes, definitely. Fluffier dog breeds should have their fur compressed slightly but comfortably when measuring.

 Hope that helps! You are welcome to contact us if you need any assistance.

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