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Daisy Snuffle Forage Mat Dog Toy French Bulldog Pet Supplies

Daisy Snuffle Forage Mat Dog Toy French Bulldog Pet Supplies

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Introducing the perfect toy for French Bulldogs - the Daisy Snuffle Forage Mat! This interactive mat encourages your pup's natural foraging instincts, providing both mental and physical stimulation. Made with durable materials and designed specifically for French Bulldogs, this mat is a must-have for any pet owner.

Product category: dog toy for mental stimulation
Material: plush, felt

Sniff toys are great dog toys for play time, to hide food and distract your pup so you can have a break. The ability to forage for food and treats is for most animals a natural instinct and the Snuffle Mat allows you to bring that to your pets in almost any environment.


- Alleviates boredom

- Slow feeding

- Provides mental stimulation

- Limits destructive behavior

- Reduces anxiety

- Provides physical stimulation

- Provides a sense of achievement

Key Features:

    • With multiple layered super-soft felt strands any food or treats get 'trapped' between the pieces meaning your little one has to paw and nose their way to find their reward.
    • Mentally stimulating it can help prevent boredom and by encouraging movement to find their food it can help be a source of exercise too.
    • It can be hand washed as required with a little mild detergent, thoroughly rinse and leave to air dry.


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