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Soothe That Itch Herbal Pet Body Spray French Bulldog Pet Supplies

Soothe That Itch Herbal Pet Body Spray French Bulldog Pet Supplies

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Itchy, itchy and still itchy? Frenchies often suffer from allergies and skin conditions.

This natural body spray helps to provide a relief for itching, irritated skin, rashes, hot spots, ringworm and other skin problems. This herbal spray is made from Aloe Vera, Neem Oil, Calendula Extract and pure essential oils. These natural ingredients are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, acting to cool and may help to reduce discomfort immediately upon contact.

• Helps soothe, maintain and relief irritated and itchy skin
• Pleasant herbal scent from the pure essential oils
• Finest 100 % natural ingredients
• Free of Paraben, Sulphate, Colourants, Soap and Alcohol
• Clean, non-sticky ingredients
• Eco-friendly
• Certified Cruelty-Free

Size: 250 ml

Neem Oil is natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which helps to address the real issues surrounding itching skin.

Peppermint Oil has anti-septic, regenerative and stimulating effects, which means that it can relieve the skin of irritation and gives the fur a healthy, shiny look.

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2-5 business days. Tracking available. This is a South African product. 

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