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Foldable Sniff & Snuffle Ball Dog Toy Increase IQ French Bulldog Pet Supplies

Foldable Sniff & Snuffle Ball Dog Toy Increase IQ French Bulldog Pet Supplies

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This Foldable Sniff & Snuffle Ball Dog Toy is designed to increase your pet's IQ while providing hours of fun. The foldable design makes it easy to carry and store, and the snuffle ball material gives your pet a great texture to explore. Get your French Bulldog this pet supply and enjoy watching them use their intelligence to play.


1. This Foldable Snuffle Ball Dog Toy is an excellent way to engage and stimulate your French Bulldog. The main fabric is environmental protection carpet cloth, which is soft for your pet's skin and easy to clean. Plus, you can support machine washing for added convenience.

2. This Foldable Snuffle Ball Dog Toy is a great way to stimulate your French Bulldog's natural foraging instinct while also increasing its IQ. Its traditional snuffle mat design has been updated with a ball design that makes it more challenging for your pup to find its treats. Put the food on the edge of the ball to start, and gradually move it to the center for increasing difficulty.

3. Reward your four-legged friends with this Foldable Snuffle Ball Dog Toy. Made of many folding rounds, the texture encourages your pet to sniff and explore the hidden treats inside in order to receive their rewards. Perfect for French Bulldogs, this ball is a great way to increase their IQ.

4. Keep your pup's mind sharp and increase their IQ with this Foldable Snuffle Ball Dog Toy! Challenge their mental and physical abilities as they sniff and search for treats hidden inside the ball. The perfect toy for curious French Bulldogs!

5. This genius toy will keep your pup's brain sharp! The Foldable Snuffle Ball Dog Toy has smart storage, and makes the food more sneaky and difficult to find–a great way to increase Fido's IQ! Perfect for those French bulldogs who like a challenge.

Product Information:

Material: Polar Fleece Fabric

Product size:

Size S: 15 X 15 cm

Size L: 20 X 20 cm

Package size:

Size S: 20 x 20 x 2.5 cm

Size L: 25 x 25 x 3.5 cm

Package Content:

Snuffle Ball x 1


This snuffle mat is designed for puppies, small, medium, and large dogs.

● Dogs should be supervised while using the mat in case they rip and eat the cloth when food runs out.

● The snuffle mat is not a chew toy, please put it away from dogs after use.


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7-30 Days. Tracking available. This is an imported item. 


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